Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ruin Hunters Trailer

Ruin Hunters was a game I made with some friends in high school/college. It was an online multiplayer game that was inspired by "Smash Bros.", "Power Stone" and "Bomber Man". I did the overall game design, level design and character design as well as managed and built the team.

The game was built using the Quake 3 engine. There were 10k downloads from US servers and no idea how many globally. The game was featured as mod of the month in PC Gamer (January 2003), and in the UK magazine PC Format (Christmas 2002) where the game was included on a DVD that came with the magazine.

This was the game that gave me and my friend Eric, animation and character rigging, our break in the industry.

The ghetto hand-held camera trailer that looks like it was shot on the floor of E3.

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