Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tony Hawk: Project 8 Design work

Here are some quick design sketches for the final level of the PS2 and Xbox version of Tony Hawk: Project 8, which was an amusement park. The is also one sketch at the bottom of the Rio level I designed, which was an unlockable downhill level.

The Neversoft tools and level pipeline were pretty good, so it was fast iterate. Model a ramp, tag it, add some nodes for grind rails, export it and play it. Since it was so fast and easy to experiment with gameplay I did fewer drawings and mainly tested ideas in game.

It was a dream to work on the game, since I have skateboarded my entire life, and played the first couple games to death. I wish we were doing the lead SKU so I could have worked with the systems designers to add tricks and modify some of the core gameplay more. This was around the time "Skate" came out, and people were looking for something fresh in the skating genre.

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