Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ruin Hunters Paper Maps

I recently scanned some of the original paper maps I created for Ruin Hunters. The game was an online, 3rd person shooter with gameplay that was a cross between Bomberman, Powerstone and Smash Bros. The maps for the game were designed from 1999-2001

Mogi Steam Garden-
The level was designed to sink into a sea of fog over the course of a match. This map was never built. If I were to design this map again, I would create logic to randomly make the islands sink to keep the level fresh over repeated plays.


The level Labratine was designed to rotate slowly while the players fought on it. The design was based on M.C. Escher and the stairway scene from the movie Labyrinth. Unfortunately the rotation caused issues with the player collision, making the player vibrate which would shake the camera.

GreenWood Forest

Galleion's Cube-
Galleion's Cube was a level comprised of smaller cubes that would shuffle their order during play. It was based on the movie Cube. It was fun to think about and design however we never built it.

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